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Psychedelic & Wellness Therapy in San Diego

Introducing Daydream MD, a mental health and wellness collective that leverages the potential of psychedelic therapies to heal your mind and body. Our patients experience meaningful sessions, and it is often an opportunity to reconnect with an inner space of peace. We provide medically-supervised psychedelic treatments for sustained relief from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction, end-of-life, and trauma-induced mood disorders.

Our Specialties

Interventional Mental Health

Rapid relief for those in acute distress—patients are assessed and started on treatment within 72 hours.

Treatment-Resistant Conditions

Helps with depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD that have not responded to standard therapies.

Transitions of Life

Standard approaches can be inappropriate or ineffective when working through a change in career, relationships, or end-of-life.

Integrative Mental Health Maintenance

Psychedelic treatments are not reserved for acute crises but can also help prevent distress through intermittent sessions.

Psychedelic Retreats

Rest and restore at psychedelic-assisted therapy-focused retreats in beautiful natural settings with luxurious accommodations.

What Is Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)?

We’re huge therapy proponents at Daydream MD, but it’s common to “hit a wall” where insight, self-awareness, or change do not come easily. Pairing therapeutic approaches with the multi-faceted benefits of psychedelics like Ketamine can unleash insight, epiphanies, and even life-changing experiences for participants.

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Stop Suffering. Start Healing.

We offer a streamlined and efficient process to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for ketamine therapy.


Integration and Maintenance

We provide ongoing guidance to help you gain insight, maintain progress, and devise an ongoing plan to maintain lasting improvements.



We assess your needs, determine if psychedelic therapy is indicated and appropriate, perform a medical and psychosocial screening to ensure your safety, and devise an individualized treatment plan for you at our San Diego-area location.



Our team of facilitators and therapists prepares you for the treatment process, including setting intentions for treatment, identifying care goals, and preparing you for your journey so you can focus on improving your well-being.

Words of Hope

Daydream MD was professional, knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. I was a bit nervous going into my first infusion, but Daydream MD did an incredible job making me feel comfortable and easy getting started. The experience and after effect were enormously mentally insightful and beneficial. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a procedure like this.

Blake M

Meet Our Team, the Daydream Collective

We’re a collective of medical professionals, conventional therapists, psychedelic therapists, sound healers, yogis, eco-therapists, and many others who collaborate to create an interdisciplinary approach to mental health that leverages the power of psychedelics to provide a new type of care—Psychedelic Medicine.

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Discover Your Path to Better Mental Health

Psychedelic Retreats

Establish and develop essential tools for lasting mental health by joining us for half-day, full-day, or multi-day retreats.

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Future Horizons in Psychedelics

Explore the science of psychedelic-assisted therapy and what the future holds for this promising approach to treatment.

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Psychedelic Medicine

Experience the power of psychedelic medicine, a wholly novel treatment approach to mental health and wellness.

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Are you disappointed with other therapies or medications? Find out if psychedelic-assisted therapy is right for you—available in our San Diego-area location.